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Audition Notice


by Diane Samuels


Performance Dates:

  • Thursday Dec 1st 8pm
  • Friday Dec 2nd 8pm
  • Saturday Dec 3rd 8pm
  • Sunday Dec 4th 3pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village, N6 4BD


7:30 - 10 pm

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD


Directors: Ros and Michael Berg

Production Assistant: Catherine Underhill

In 1938 and until the outbreak of war in September 1939, almost 10,000 children, mostly Jewish, from families at risk in Nazi occupied Germany, were sent by their parents to safety in Britain. Nine year old Eva ends up in Manchester with the Miller family. She takes time to settle down but slowly starts to trust and depend on her foster mother, Lil. When her parents fail to escape from Germany her attachment to Lil increases and a new identity starts to form.

Not long after the war has finished, she changes her name to Evelyn and acquires a British passport. Over thirty years later, her own grown-up daughter, Faith, discovers some old letters in the attic and Evelyn is confronted with her hidden past. There are some secrets that she has even kept from Lil.

"Samuels has written the best play about the pain and passion of mother/daughter relationships." Lynn Gardner, The Guardian

  • EvelynEnglish middle-class woman. In her fifties.
  • FaithEvelyn's only child. In her early twenties.
  • EvaEvelyn's younger self. She starts the play at nine years old and finishes it at seventeen years old. Jewish German becoming increasingly English.
  • HelgaGerman Jewish woman of the late 1930's. In her thirties. Eva/Evelyn's mother.
  • LilEva/Evelyn's English foster mother.
  • The RatcatcherA mythical character who also plays: the Nazi Border Official, the English Organiser, the Postman, the Station Guard

Audition pieces are available for download here or from:, however please try to read the whole play. You can borrow copies for quick reading by contacting Catherine.

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