The Garden Suburb Theatre (GST) is a friendly and welcoming amateur theatre company.

We are a registered charity promoting involvement in the Dramatic Arts in North London. We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about drama, either by participating in or coming to watch one of our diverse programme of shows.

Audition Notice

The Secret Rapture

by David Hare


Performance Dates:

  • Thursday May 12th 8pm
  • Friday May 13th 8pm
  • Saturday May 14th 3pm and 8pm

The Bull Theatre, 68 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5 5SJ


7:30 - 10 pm

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD


Director: Joyce Piper

Production Assistant: Veronica Woolf

Estranged sisters Isobel and Marion are forced to reunite when their father dies and they must decide how to handle Katherine, their young, alcoholic, mentally unstable stepmother who has been left nothing but the rural home in which they were raised.

  • IsobelLate twenties to mid-thirties. Younger of two sisters and the less forceful but seemingly more caring of the two.
  • MarionMid-thirties to fortyish. Elder sister who is a successful politician and a plain-speaking and dynamic character.
  • KatherineEarly to mid-thirties. The recently widowed wife of Isobel and Marion's father. Has had a happy marriage with her older husband who "saved" her from her loneliness and drink problem.
  • TomMid-thirties to fortyish. Married to Marion. A complex character with a strong religious belief. Not interested in politics but supports his wife's career and ambitions.
  • IrwinLate twenties. A modest man who seems quite young for his age. In love with Isobel. They also work together.
  • RhondaEarly twenties - attractive and sexy. Mistrustful of men but enjoys flirting.

Copies of script for quick reading: email or call: 020 8349 9873

Rehearsals will be Sundays 3 - 6 pm for all; Mondays and Wednesdays 8 - 10:30 pm