The Garden Suburb Theatre (GST) is a friendly and welcoming amateur theatre company.

We are a registered charity promoting involvement in the Dramatic Arts in North London. We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about drama, either by participating in or coming to watch one of our diverse programme of shows.

Audition Notice


By William Shakespeare


Performance Dates:

  • Friday 6th July, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 7th July, 3pm and 7:30pm
  • Sunday 8th July, 3pm
  • Thursday 12th July, 7:30pm
  • Friday 13th July, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 14th July, 3pm and 7:30pm

Little Oak Wood, Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6QS


Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 7AG

7:30pm, Sunday 5th February 2012

Director: Nick Hastings

The GST are delighted to present Hamlet.

Lawrence Olivier described Hamlet as 'a play about a man who cannot make up his mind'. But it is also about the terrible consequences of that indecision. It is about human frailty and fragility, but also the lure of power, greed, loyalty and lust that can grip us all. Shakespeare's genius is his ability to explore the extremes of human emotion and the futility of attempting to master them.

Old Hamlet is dead, slain against Nature's will by Claudius in pursuit of title and power. It is left to Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, to avenge his father's 'most unnatural murder'. Nature sends many catalysts for encouragement - a ghost of the dead king, a band of players to incriminate his killer and the drowning of Ophelia, whom Hamlet claims to love. None prompt him to action. As Hamlet's mind goes to sea and to seed, so does everything and everyone rot around him, with catastrophic consequences.

These are open auditions. Please read the auditions page if you have never auditioned with the GST before.

Downloadable audition notice: Hamlet audition notice.pdf

Please download and read the audition pieces and audition form. Please send the audition form to the email specified at the top the top of the form.

Rehearsals for the actor playing Hamlet begin early March, rehearsals for the rest of the cast will start in early April.

  • Hamlet Prince of Denmark, son of the late king, M (20-40)
  • Horatio his friend, M (20-40)
  • Claudius King of Denmark, M (40-70)
  • Gertrude Queen of Denmark, Hamlet's mother, F (30-60)
  • Polonius the Lord Chamberlain, M (40-70)
  • Laertes his son, M (20-40)
  • Ophelia his daughter, F (20-35)
  • Rosencrantz a courtier, M/F (30-50)
  • Guildenstern a courtier, M/F (30-50)
  • Ghost/Player King/Pirate King/First Gravedigger M (30-60)
  • Ghosts/Player/Pirates/Pallbearers 5 M/F (mixed ages)
  • Francisco/Osric M/F (40-60)
  • Marcellus/Attendant/Priest M/F (20-50)
  • Bernardo/Messenger M/F (20-50)

We rehearse three times a week, on Sunday and two week day evenings, which will be chosen after the audition when we know everyone's availability.