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We are a registered charity promoting involvement in the Dramatic Arts in North London. We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about drama, either by participating in or coming to watch one of our diverse programme of shows.

Audition Notice


by Terry Rogers


Performance Dates:

  • Thursday November 29th 2012, 8pm
  • Friday November 30th 2012, 8pm
  • Saturday December 1st 2012, 8pm
  • Sunday December 2nd 2012, 4pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate


Audition for all parts

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Sunday September 23rd, 7:30

Director: Terry Rogers

Assistant Director: Mary Musker

The play was first produced at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009 and was well received with excellent reviews including one from The Scotsman which gave it "four stars going on five" and commented it had a "a sense of dark menace" and was "dangerously funny"

This production has been accepted by the RSC into their Open Stages scheme with amateur groups and I hope you will want to be part of this very exciting project.

Six million people own a timeshare. One of them is Macbeth.

A timeshare in Spain, a dead body and a familiar stranger next door. Two friends competing for the same job. "Foul whisperings are abroad." And Duncan is coming

Malcolm and Judy join their friends Simon and Vicky at their timeshare complex on the Costa del Sol. They have known each other for years and the two men work for the same company. Promotion is on offer and both have applied for the job. The boss, Duncan, will make his decision while they are on holiday.

The veneer of good humour and mutual bonhomie soon starts to slip as hidden anxieties and old wounds surface. Malcolm notices a strange couple who appear to be living in an empty adjoining apartment but no-one believes him. One by one they gradually realise they are living next door to the Macbeths and are being drawn into their story. This is a comedy of two worlds colliding as Shakespeare's tale is mirrored by modern characters.

These are open auditions. Please read the auditions page if you have never auditioned with the GST before.

Audition pieces can be downloaded below and copies for quick reading are available from Mary Musker. You should read the whole play before auditioning. Reading "Macbeth" may be beneficial!

Audition Pieces:

1 Simon and Vicky

2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

3 Ross, Lennox, Lady Macbeth

4 Malcolm and Judy

5 Simon, Vicky, Malcolm and Judy

Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Ross and Lennox speak Shakespeare's words. Simon, Vicky, Malcolm and Judy speak in modern English

  • Simonage 25 - 50, ambitious, unsubtle, a bit of a lad, proud of his achievements and lineage
  • Vickyhis wife, age 25 - 50, has known Malcolm as long as she has known Simon, flirty, determined to be a good hostess
  • Malcolm his friend, age 25 - 50, always reliable, always wanting to please, anything for a quiet life
  • Judy his wife, age 25 - 50, the outsider, shy, nervy, but devoted to her husband
  • Macbethage 30 - 50, absorbed by power, increasingly paranoid and in thrall to his wife
  • Lady Macbethage 30 - 50, her husband's backbone, single minded, controlling
  • Rossany age over 16, works for Macbeth and subservient to Lennox
  • Lennoxany age over 25, works devotedly for Macbeth, but lords it over Ross

There will be rehearsals each Sunday afternoon/early evening and two weekday evenings from the beginning of October. Exact dates will be selected according to the availability of the cast. At the audition you will be asked to state any days or dates when you will not be available

Copies of script will be available for quick reading before the audition - contact Mary