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We are a registered charity promoting involvement in the Dramatic Arts in North London. We welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about drama, either by participating in or coming to watch one of our diverse programme of shows.


The Garden Suburb Theatre performed an inventive and well-acted production of Alice, an amalgamation of the two stories, In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass, dramatised by Clemence Dane, in March

Tempeste Hepenstall-Brown looked just right as Alice, although at times she was inaudible. That did not detract from a rich and vivid show; with such a large cast of characters involved in combining the best of the two tales of Lewis Carol, there were some interesting double acts; Laura Brocklesbury stole the show as the hooka-smoking caterpillar sitting on a rather impressive mushroom, and later appeared as a dear Dormouse. Imogen Colmans was a fi erce Red Queen after earlier appearing as the voice of the Cheshire cat's disembodied head.

Full marks to director Jon Musker for such imaginative direction, and for the use made of puppets, designed and constructed by Jo Eggleton-Rance and David Rance. There were lovely costumes also by Frances Musker and her team, the one for the Red Queen was tremendous. Also excellent was the junior ensemble, who completed a fine team effort.

Review by Leonie Stephen

This is a review of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass

The original review is here: Suburb News Spring 2013 - Issue 114