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Audition Notice

The Seagull

written by Anton Chekhov

translated by Christopher Hampton


Performance Dates:

  • Friday 12 July, 7.30pm
  • Saturday 13 July, 7.30pm
  • Sunday 14 July, 4pm
  • Thursday 18 July, 7.30pm
  • Friday 19 July, 7.30pm
  • Saturday 20 July, 3pm and 7.30pm

Little Oak Wood, Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6QS


Audition for all parts

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Sunday 10 March at 7.30pm

Director: John Colmans

This summerís open-air production in Little Wood, Hampstead Garden Suburb will be Anton Chekhovís 'The Seagull'.

Chekhovís play is set on the country estate of Sorin, a civil servant and district councillor. The first three acts cover a period of a few days: the last act is set a couple of years later. At the opening of the play Sorin is being visited by his sister Arkadina, a famous actress, and her lover Trigorin, a well-known writer. Arkadinaís son, Kostya, also has ambitions to be a writer and is going to premiere a play he has written which will be performed by Nina, daughter of a local landowner, with whom Kostya is in love. From the performance of this play within a play, the action of 'The Seagull' unfolds. There are several other characters and the play explores familiar Chekhovian themes of unrequited love, frustrated ambition, failed marriages and the passage of time. It is also, however, very funny.

There are ten major characters, who are listed below. Where a very specific age is given, it is because that age is mentioned in the text: characters in this play are very conscious of how old they are!

The translation we are using is the one by Christopher Hampton, published by Faber and Faber. There is one other character, Yakov, who works on Sorinís estate. He has only a handful of lines (although he comes on and off a few times) so we will not be auditioning specifically for that part. The two very minor characters of the Cook and the Maid have been omitted from this production.

Characters list
  • ArkadinaAn actress, 43
  • Konstantin (Kostya)Her son - an aspiring writer, 25
  • SorinArkadinaís brother - landowner, 62
  • NinaDaughter of a rich landowner - aspiring actress, 18/19
  • ShamrayevManager of Sorinís estate, c50
  • PolinaHis wife, c45 - 50
  • MashaTheir daughter, 22
  • TrigorinA writer, c35
  • DornA doctor, 55
  • MedvedenkoA teacher, c35

Please see the eight audition pieces below that we will be using for the audition for 'The Seagull' on 10 March. Please look in advance at the pieces involving any of the characters you would like to audition for. It is not necessary to learn any of these parts (although you may if you wish) but it will be advantageous to you to have looked at them carefully before you turn up. Don't worry if you forget to bring your copies with you - spare copies of all the audition pieces will be available on the night.

Audition Pieces

If anyone has any queries about any aspects of the production, including backstage work, please either ring on
020 8446 4029, or email the director, John Colmans, at: Alternatively, ring the production assistant, Mo Colmans, on the same number or email, at: Although we would prefer to audition everyone on 10 March, people can be seen separately if it is genuinely impossible for individuals to make that particular evening.