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Audition Notice

Treasure Island

Stuart Paterson


Performance Dates:

  • Wednesday November 27th 2013, 7:30pm
  • Thursday November 28th 2013, 7:30pm
  • Friday November 29th 2013, 7:30pm
  • Saturday November 30th 2013, 7:30pm
  • Sunday December 1st 2013, 4pm

Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate Village, London N6 4BD


Audition for all parts

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Sunday 22nd September at 7.30 pm

Pre-audition Reading

Informal open reading

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Sunday 8th September at 7.30 pm

Director: Debbie Lane

The story of Jim Hawkins' voyage in search of pirate treasure and his friendship with the one-legged Long John Silver has been a favourite since it was first published in 1883. This dramatization remains faithful to the original novel in both atmosphere and swashbuckling action and keeps most of the familiar characters. I can promise an exciting challenge for cast and crew, with parts actors can really get their teeth into.

Most actors will play more than one role, but doubling won't necessarily be done in the same way as in the production mentioned in the script. Also, it would be a long haul to audition all of the 19 speaking parts, so you may not get to read the precise character you would like. You can of course put your preferred roles on the audition slip, regardless of whether they will be heard at the audition. The following character descriptions are necessarily brief - please read the script to get the full picture.

Character list:
  • Jim Hawkins(14-15) Adventurous and brave but decent. On stage virtually the entire play. The actor must be old enough to attend evening rehearsals.
  • Long John SilverPirate; cunning and ruthless but with the charm of the consummate conman.
  • Billy BonesFormer Pirate; a boozy old sea dog
  • Black DogPirate; menacing and violent
  • Israel HandsPirate; vicious and clever
  • Dick Johnstona young sailor who becomes a pirate
  • Blind Pewcruel and merciless, obsessed
  • Ben Gunnformer pirate, driven almost mad after being marooned on the island
  • Captain Smollettexperienced and stalwart sea captain
  • Abraham Graygood-hearted sailor who remains loyal to the captain
  • Mr Arrowthe honest and reliable first mate
  • Tomprincipled sailor who defys Silver
  • Squire Trelawneycountry squire, very enthusiastic but rather full of himself
  • Dr Liveseylocal physician, straight-talking and dependable
  • Mr Arrowthe honest and reliable first mate
  • Harry & Johnfarmworkers who drink at the Admiral Benbow inn
  • Job Anderson, George Merry & Morganpirates in the crew
  • Other pirates, sailors, drinkers and revenue officersthese will be played by members of the cast in addition to their speaking roles

Audition Pieces To save time, please complete one of these audition slips and either email it to the director or bring it with you to the audition.

Copies of the script, more information and general chit-chat are available from:

Debbie Lane (Director) 825320

Everyone will be welcome at a group reading of Treasure Island on Sunday 8th September at 7.30pm at St Margaret's (address above). This will be an opportunity to hear the play and try out some of the parts if you wish. It is not in any way an audition and if you can't make it this will not disadvantage you at the actual audition.

Audition pieces and audition slips (which you can complete and return in advance) are available from the director, or can be downloaded above. Please read the whole play, copies of which can be borrowed from Debbie for quick reading.

Rehearsals will start at the beginning of October and will be on two evenings a week and Sunday afternoons or evenings.

Please note that, though you do not have to join the GST to audition, all actors in a GST show are required to be members.