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Audition Notice

The Lion In Winter

by James Goldman


Performance Dates:

  • Thursday 7th May 2015, 8pm
  • Friday 8th May 2015, 8pm
  • Saturday 9th May 2015, 3pm
  • Saturday 9th May 2015, 8pm

The Bull Theatre, 68 The High Street, London, EN5 5SJ


St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Audition: Sunday 8th February 2015, 7pm

Pre-Audition Workshop

St Margaret's Church Hall, Victoria Avenue N3 1BD

Pre-Audition Workshop: Sunday 18th January 2015, 7pm

Director: Omer Warman

"What shall we hang - the holly or each other?" 
It's Christmas 1183 and the Plantagenets are meeting up for a family reunion that puts the "feud" into "feudal". King Henry II of England has commanded his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitane, and their three sons, Richard, Geoffrey and John, to spend the festive season with him. However, his mistress, Princess Alais, and her brother, the young King Philip of France, will also be there. Will Henry finally name who is to succeed him on the English throne? Their yuletide celebration soon turns into a black comedy of deceit, betrayal, power games and scorching wit.

This is a great play with some fantastic roles for actors to get their teeth into. We also want a small number of ensemble actors to set the scene and provide valuable support. We are hoping to explore a variety of rehearsal techniques and look forward to collaborating with the actors on this. We are holding a workshop on 18 January.

These are open auditions. Please read the auditions page if you have never auditioned with the GST before.


NB - Age: The age shown against certain characters is the age of that character and not the age you have to be to play the part. If you think you can play that age - have a go!

  • Henry II(Male, early 50's) - Though ageing, Henry is still very nearly as vital as he ever was. He has been King of England for over 30 years and does not relish the thought of relinquishing his power to his sons.
  • Queen Eleanor(Female, late 50's - looks young for her age) - Eleanor is Henry's wife and Queen of England. Once considered the most beautiful woman in the world, she looks nothing like her age and has been holding her own in a man's world since her early teens. She schemes against Henry and intensely loves him at the same time.
  • Richard(Male, late twenties) - Henry and Eleanor's eldest surviving son, Richard is handsome, graceful and impressive and has been a famous soldier since his middle teens. War is his profession and he is good at it. He is easily the strongest and toughest of the three sons.
  • Geoffrey(Male, twenties) - He is the second eldest son of Henry and Eleanor, and a man of energy and action. He is attractive, charming and the "brains" of the family; but also a cold, amoral schemer.
  • John(Male, late teens) - John is the youngest son of Henry and Eleanor. He is sulky and sullen, with a boyish outlook on his position; many in the play describe him as a spoiled brat. He is Henry's favourite, but also the weakest.
  • Alais Capet(Female, early twenties) - She is beautiful and in love with Henry. Everyone underestimates her intellect and power. She is initially portrayed as innocent, but by the end of the play has begun to acquire a ruthless streak of her own.
  • Philip II, King of France(Male, late teens) - Despite his young age, he has already been King of France for three years. He is not initially as accomplished as Henry in manipulating people, but seems to acquire greater skills at this during the play. He is impressive and handsome.
  • EnsembleThere will be a small number of ensemble cast.

Audition Pieces:

Eleanor and Alais
Geoff John Philip and Richard
Henry and Alais
Henry and Eleanor 1
Henry and Eleanor 2
Richard Geoff and John

For more information contact:
Omer Warman

Please email Omer Warman if you want any more information. We will be using the Samuel French edition of the script
We will be rehearsing two evenings in the week and on Sunday evenings. Weekday rehearsal days will be decided after the audition. Rehearsals will begin the last week of February and will be held at St. Margaret's Church Hall. The ensemble cast will not be needed to attend all rehearsals.

Please note that, though you do not have to join the GST to audition, all actors in a GST show are required to be members.

We look forward to seeing you
Omer Warman